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Underline Freo

24th of February, 2016
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Had the pleasure of spending a weekend painting with some friends including Ayres, Fecks, Jesse Lee Johns, Kyle Hughes Odgers and Amok Island for Underline Freo. Thanks to my buddy Sherrie Wilson Projects for organising a great event and for having me participate.

My piece titled Flags of Convenience features graphics and typography from shipping companies juxtaposed on top of the flags of the countries with the most ships falsely registered to them.

Flags of Convenience is the practice whereby most large shipping and cruising companies will not register there ships in there home countries (generally developed western countries) but will instead register there ships and fly the flag of a very poor country. By flying the flag of this country the company only needs to abide by there Labour, Tax, Environmental and Safety laws and standards, A very cynical and immoral practice in my book.

Furthermore with the signing of the TPP "free" trade agreement these companies will have access to Australia's coastal shipping routes. Well known Australian Cruising company North Star Cruises asked a high ranking bureaucrat what implications this would have on there business. The advice that was given was that they should deregister there ships from Australia and re register the ships in a flag of convenience country, fire the Australian staff and hire workers from overseas to remain "competitive".

More infomation on Flags of Convenience can be found here.

More infomation on the TPP "free" trade agreement can be found here.