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Underline Freo

24th of February, 2016
Mural, Fudge Works, Flags of Convenience, Underline Freo

Had the pleasure of spending a weekend painting with some friends including Ayres, Fecks, Jesse Lee Johns, Kyle Hughes Odgers and Amok Island for Underline Freo. Thanks to my buddy Sherrie Wilson Projects for organising a great event and for having me participate.

My piece titled Flags of Convenience features graphics and typography from shipping companies juxtaposed on top of the flags of the countries with the most ships falsely registered to them.

Flags of Convenience is the practice whereby most large shipping and cruising companies will not register there ships in there home countries (generally developed western countries) but will instead register there ships and fly the flag of a very poor country. By flying the flag of this country the company only needs to abide by there Labour, Tax, Environmental and Safety laws and standards, A very cynical and immoral practice in my book.

Furthermore with the signing of the TPP "free" trade agreement these companies will have access to Australia's coastal shipping routes. Well known Australian Cruising company North Star Cruises asked a high ranking bureaucrat what implications this would have on there business. The advice that was given was that they should deregister there ships from Australia and re register the ships in a flag of convenience country, fire the Australian staff and hire workers from overseas to remain "competitive".

More infomation on Flags of Convenience can be found here.

More infomation on the TPP "free" trade agreement can be found here.

Public Festival 2015

24th of February, 2016
Fudgeworks, Mural, Deconstructionist, Public

I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in Form Gallery's Public 2015 Festival alongside some great artists. Turns out im also terrible at blogging and keeping a website up to date!

The piece is a purely abstract based work continuing on from my previous non letter based works. Informed by the Russian Suprematists and traditional graffiti culture.

Thanks to my buddy Dave and The stumbler for their help. Also thanks to Margot and Rhianna from form for their hard work and for having me.

Mt Hawthorn Wall

15th of March, 2015
Deconstruction Mural Abstract Explosions Tangles

Completed a new wall in Mt Hawthorn with my buddy Ayres.

The idea for the wall was to use abstract elements normally found in the background of pieces as the main subject e.g. my "explosions' and 'bars' and Ayres "tangles". The wall is divided into 2 sections so we did 1 section where my explosions are breaking apart Ayres tangles and a second section where the tangles are almost encasing the explosions.

Unfortunately i haven't been able to get a good flick of the second section yet, there has always been cars and bins in the way, so the photos below are from the first section only.


13th of February, 2015
Mural, Streetart, Graffiti, Abstract, Deconstruction

Continuing down the path of abstraction and deconstruction.

The letters are almost entirely gone or abstracted. I am really enjoying pursuing this train of thought at the moment.

Typographical Studies

15th of September, 2014
Typography, Mural, Graffiti

I think i am kinda getting closer to what i want to achieve with these typographical studies.

So i didn't hate what i had painted, a positive sign, I was feeling pretty happy, then i looked next to me at what my buddy Fecks had painted... Urgh...

She said yes!

8th of September, 2014
Proposal, Mural, Typography,

So with the help of some friends I painted this, and she said yes!

Thanks very much to my great mates that helped me so much to paint and organise this: Amok Island, The Butcher Shop, Hosae, Suzie Strongo and Red Stripe Clothing! Check them out!!

Now i just need to get a diamond!

Laneway Collective

7th of September, 2014
Mural, Typography, Amok Island, Laneways Collective

Was lucky enough to be invited by my buddy Amok Island to join him painting a wall for the Laneway Collective

Thanks to Mel from the Laneway Collective for making it happen!!

Alter Ego

21st of February, 2014
Art, Walls, Murals, Ravezabition, Party Boys,

My Buddies Luke and Fecks organised a Rave Party at a soon to be knocked down building and invited a bunch of people down to redecorate the joint for the party. Thanks for inviting me down for a spray.

Below are some of the paintings. I missed a bunch because I either took terrible photos or they had furniture in front of them.

The wall i Painted


Rad Cekios by Fecks

"Always Livin Never Trippin" by Mause

Some self portraits by Willy Daek

Just another rad Ayres in a long succession of rad Ayres

An amazing big stomper by Hosae

A smaller wall by Hosae

A window by Creepy

Outside wall by Amok Island
Amok Island

Fear and Elephant by Luke
Fear by Luke

Elephant by Luke

Young Salut going big
Young Salute

A wall and a nice painting by Dave Wolfy
Dave Wolfy

A charo by Lester