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Typographical Studies

15th of September, 2014
Typography, Mural, Graffiti

I think i am kinda getting closer to what i want to achieve with these typographical studies.

So i didn't hate what i had painted, a positive sign, I was feeling pretty happy, then i looked next to me at what my buddy Fecks had painted... Urgh...

She said yes!

8th of September, 2014
Proposal, Mural, Typography,

So with the help of some friends I painted this, and she said yes!

Thanks very much to my great mates that helped me so much to paint and organise this: Amok Island, The Butcher Shop, Hosae, Suzie Strongo and Red Stripe Clothing! Check them out!!

Now i just need to get a diamond!

Laneway Collective

7th of September, 2014
Mural, Typography, Amok Island, Laneways Collective

Was lucky enough to be invited by my buddy Amok Island to join him painting a wall for the Laneway Collective

Thanks to Mel from the Laneway Collective for making it happen!!

Vector Typography Process

1st of February, 2014
WIP, Typography, Illustration

I really like it when i get to see an insight into other Artist/Designers Process. So I thought i would share mine.

Normally i start of with just some random scribble that I have done while doing something else. It generally looks terrible but there might be 1 or 2 things that i don't hate about it.

I take my random scribble and trace it of a bunch of times with tracing paper refining it and try out different things until i get it to a stage where it doesn't make me want to vomit.

Then the boring bit.… Scan it in and trace it of in illustrator…urghh. I always work in black and white until i get the design to a stage where i don't hate it.

Then apply colour. The Kuler Website/Extension in illustrator is a great tool for people that struggle with colour like me.

I think i will post the process for my next timber print if i remember and can be bothered!